Of Broths and Fresh Ingredients: Four Seasons HotPot City

Yesterday, I had to go back to school to attend the grade consultation of one of my professors. I know, so grade conscious of me, but I really wanted to know if I got a 4.0 (the highest in our university)!  I absolutely adore our professor as well! She’s not perfect, but she’s great, really really nice, inspiring, AND PRETTY :> We made chika about a lot of things and talked about the realities of life. I’ll miss her so bad 😦 It was a bittersweet goodbye. I’ m happy that I got the grade I wanted, but I’m also sad because I had to bid farewell to her. Oh well, that’s life, as what she always says, and I’m positive that I’ll see her around in the near future! 🙂

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Les femmes qui y déjeunent: Le Petit Soufflé

It’s a beautiful day today! It’s Sunday and I’m still on my summer break 😉 It feels elating to wake up on a Sunday knowing that you don’t have papers to write or exams to study for. Like, seriously. It felt like a commercial, waking up with the summer breeze brushing your hair. Just kidding. It was the aircon.

(You should see my face later it’s really different from the pre-summer break one I used to sport)

After going to mass with my best bud Reena, we decided to head to Century City Mall for a Sunday stroll (and lunch, of course).

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A Much Needed Break

Alas, after a very exhausting university term, I can finally say au revoir to tear-inducing schoolworks and bonjour to summer! Fortunately, we were given the 4-month summer break that we so greatly deserve (trimester school anyone?), and what better way to spend this long summer than to blog of course!

Yes. You heard it right. Desiree Ong, the acads girl, is going to start a blog.

Actually, there have been many attempts prior to this current undertaking. However, as what every average girl experiences, school got the best of me, time constraints were present, and I just had too much going on. It just wasn’t the right time.

After much encouragement from friends and family (thanks guys, I love you), I have finally taken a step forward towards this world of blogging. Lo and behold, here I am now. Ready, new and improved. Well, at least I hope so, and I really do.

With the phenomenon of globalization transpiring, different cuisines across the globe have become easier to access, or in this case, to be eaten 😉

Eating is a luxury. It’s a passion that has transcended beyond the usual act of putting food in one’s mouth.

Eating is also an appreciation of art – the fusion of flavors and incorporation of various techniques.

As how Jennifer Lawrence so eloquently puts it , “Food is one of my favorite parts of the day”, and indeed it is! Food is something to be celebrated and thankful for!

So, I invite you to dine with me as I embark on this journey towards a gastronomic experience.

Welcome to Dining with Des.