Makati’s Little Secret: Prime 101

If I were to be asked who I think is the strongest person in this world, I would not even think twice and say ‘my mother’. Strength is not just measured in terms of physical ability, but also in every other aspect of a person. Mothers, in my eyes, are the strongest people in this world (in parallel with fathers of course :D).

To start with, the pains of going into labor are no joke, they’re much worse than cramps, and that’s saying something. Also, it’s no easy feat to raise a child, cook, work, and do groceries while still managing to look fabulous (how do you do it mom? <3) These are just some of the things that children, including myself, often take for granted. They may be mundane tasks, but they have an extraordinary effect in our lives. Who, aside from our mothers, can do all of these simultaneously and excellently?

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Quick Eats: Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

Based on my last post, it is apparent that my brother and I are reunited! Woot woot! As my partner in crime, we basically do everything together. Whether it be eating, goofing around, shopping, or just lying around doing nothing.

I hate exercising. I suffered in every physical education class I was in. The only exercise I’ve ever seriously done is typing on my phone with my fingers or walking towards my classroom. However, it is a fact that exercising is a necessary action in human life. Thus, I have to do it. For health and for beauty. Tiis ganda lang.

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I Went Loca Over LOCAVORE

To those of you who are or have been a university student like me, you would know the agony of waiting for your grades to be uploaded (and the frustration that comes along with the regular site crashes). If you were not born into the technological era, you might have also experienced the same wave of emotions while waiting for your professors to announce your grades.

After several hair-pullings and venting of my frustrations on Twitter, it brought me great joy to find out that I SURVIVED. All those tears and sleepless nights were worth it.  God is indeed good. 🙂 I can finally exhale and say ADIOS to this term!

To celebrate a wonderful term and the fruits of my labor, I treated the best brother in the world, my ahia who I’ve missed so much, for dinner at Locavore Philippines!

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