Revisiting Mamou’s Kitchen

Growing up, my mother would always take us to Mamou because she’s just so fond of their food and their place. I, as her daughter, eventually fell in love with the restaurant as well. This place has been a home of many shared memories and laughter with close friends and family members 🙂  They have one of the best steaks in town, and having been avid fans of steak, Mamou has been a family favorite ever since.

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The Haven of Katsu Lovers: Katsu Sora

I’m back…with braces again this time!

If you saw snippets of my debut, you probably noticed that I had them removed for the occasion. I’m sure my dentist is shaking her head right now as she reads this.

My dentist promised to eat out with me once my braces get removed, after I casually mentioned to her that I have a food blog like the cool person that I am (not). Let’s just say that I CANNOT WAIT TO SAY ADIOS TO MY BRACES 😀 (I like them though, they’re endearing, in a way haha).

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Celebrating 18 at 100

I’ve always heard about revolving restaurants whenever my family and I visit other countries, and it has always been fascinating to me. The idea was just really ingenious! I’ve been wanting to try one, but I never got the chance to since I was occupied with other activities, so to speak (*cough shopping *cough).

Much to my surprise, there was actually a revolving restaurant here in Manila: 100 Revolving Restaurant by Chef Jessie Sinsioco of Le Souffle, and it has been in Eastwood all this time! My gosh how did I miss it? Coincidentally, my birthday was also coming up when I found out about the place, so we booked a reservation there for the 31st of May.

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A Little Bit of Everything: Blackbird Makati

Finally! After a bazillion lightyears I now have a new post up!

I am terribly sorry for the long delay of this post for I have been swamped with debut preparations (plus anxiety) and birthday celebrations,  which I will write about in this blog soon! ❤

With that being said, a few days back, I was in Makati  Shangri-la with my mother and brother for a meeting with my debut suppliers. Hence, we decided to head to Blackbird Makati, which was just a few kilometers away, for a quick lunch before going to Purple Oven to buy some pastries.

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