MAISEN …sational!

The thing with having a long summer break is that there is plenty of time to do anything.

Now that the next school year is just around the corner, I called up my bff Reena to aura and ariba our way while we have yet to be consumed by papers, homework and exams. Since it has also dawned to her that we only have a couple of weeks left to make the most of our summer holiday, she agreed (she had no choice anyway lol) I suggested we have our date at Greenbelt because where’s a better place to aura and ariba than Greenbelt? I also thought we could finally give the latest tonkatsu place in town, Maisen, a visit~

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Tricia’s Birthday Bash at Torch, Paper Moon Mille Crepe, and more!

Would you believe me that despite the long summer break, my best friends and I only got to go out at Tricia’s birthday lunch?

Well, Reena went home to Brunei after my debut and Tricia was busy watching over their business (naks)

Finally, the day arrived, and I was so excited!!! Reena woke me up early at around 8:30 am and we went to mass together with her brother Charles, who’s now officially a college freshman~

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Hong Kong Hustle: Jamie’s Italian

I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s pretty charmed by Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, myself included.

Some of his many charms are first of all, his British accent (don’t we all just fall in love with this accent? *dreamy sigh*), his little quirks here and there, his advocacy for food education, and definitely the food that he makes. He’s very endearing when he’s cooking and is kinda like the Ed Sheeran of the kitchen world (omg have you seen their collab? I gushed so much!).

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