Pad Hacks with Des: Truffle Oil Pasta, Pizza Party and Cutie Appliances!

I’m sure everyone knows and has felt the horrors of Manila’s traffic. It’s dreadful, frustrating, and time consuming, especially to those commuting to get to work or school.

Hence, to some college students like me, the best option is to invest in a unit near school. Since Taft is also prone to baha, it’d be easier for me to have a place nearby if ever I get stranded.

There are great advantages of having a place near school. First, you won’t be late, unless you oversleep. Second, if you’re an officer in your organization, it’s not much of a hassle to go back to school to submit some requirements and help out in events. Third, you have more time to do your homework and study for quizzes and exams, while still having spare time for Twitter, Tumblr, and Vine 😉

However, there are also disadvantages. First, you miss the food in your home. You’re stuck with instant noodles and canned goods. The building doesn’t allow you to cook. THE CRAVING FOR REAL FOOD IS STRONG. Second, you can’t just invite anyone over at any time. There are visitation hours imposed. Third, there’s not much space to put your stuff, so you really have to prioritize what to bring.


#1: Truffle Oil Pasta

Based on my recent posts, it is apparent that I LOVE TRUFFLES. I kept asking my mom to give me truffle oil and she did, plus a whole lot of goodies!

I got inspired to make truffle pasta so I searched for a recipe in Google and found one in Group Recipes from someone named joe1155. Thanks dude!!!

Here’s the recipe:

Spaghetti with White Truffle Oil 


150 grams (about 6 oz) dried spaghetti

1 large clove garlic, sliced

15 grams (about 1 Tbsp) butter

2 tsp white truffle oil

Parmesan Cheese (optional)

Salt and Pepper 


1. Cook the pasta according to directions in package

2. While pasta is cooking, melt butter in a pan over medium heat, add garlic and cook until tender.

3. As soon as pasta is done, drain it and add it to the pan. Add some salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly.

4. Remove from heat and add the truffle oil. Mix again.

5. Plate and add parmesan (optional).


My Imarflex kettle is the bomb. As how my mother puts it, just give her this one, and she’ll survive. We always make sure to get this  because not only does it heat water, but it also possible to cook some soup, instant noodles, and other dishes in this one.

So since I only have one, I cooked the pasta first.


I added some salt and oil to season the pasta and prevent them from sticking to the heater. We don’t want that to happen, yikes!


Melted the butter and sautéed the garlic


Sprinkled some salt and pepper, threw in the pasta, and mixed everything

and voila!



P.S. if you’re really lazy to buy pasta, you can use your Pancit Canton noodles and you can also buy pasta sauce if you prefer tomato-based or cream-based pasta 😉

#2 Cutie Appliances

I like my drinks cold, but since the space is limited, I decided to look for a minier- than-mini fridge and good thing my mom saw one in the internet! I immediately fell in love with it because it’s so retro and it looks like a SMEG refrigerator. It’s from a British brand called Sovov.


Sooooo cuteeee

It’s so convenient, it even has a handle and a car adaptor so you can bring it on the road and it definitely keeps my drinks cold just the way I like it.


As for my rice cooker, it’s as small as my kettle and looks like a baonan. It’s also so cute, it matches my minier-than-mini fridge! We bought it in Hong Kong from a brand called Cuisintec. It can make up to 2 cups of rice and it’s also very light weight; I can carry it with my arms easily. I even joke about bringing it to school and asking, “Rice, anyone?”


Both these appliances are space-savers indeed; I still have a lot of room to walk around!

#3 Pizza Party

Fortunately for me, I live alone. I prefer to not have a roommate who I am not familiar with because I like to be alone when I’m studying, and I want to play K-pop and do whatever I want without worrying about annoying my roommate. Since I live alone, the admin allows me to invite anyone, except boys haha! I decided it was about time I throw a pizza party! ~

I asked permission from the admin to let my friends stay after 6pm and they agreed! Yay!~

Instead of having to choose over many flavours, I opted to order the 36-inch assorted flavour pizza from Big Guy’s Pizza so everyone can have what they like and plus, it saves me from worrying about how many boxes to buy 😉

NO COOLER? No problem!

Head to the nearest convenience store, buy a bag of ice and pour the ice on your pail filled with water and there you have it, problem solved! Pop in your drinks and you’re good to go!



Some Snapple, Tropicana, pineapple juice for the HCs and sodas

I also prepared some snacks to munch on and placed them on my IKEA plastic bowls. And of course, the essentials: paper cups, paper plates and napkins.


Some chocolates, Ding-Dongs, M&M cookies, chips and wafer sticks along with some Happy Thursday “juice” (shh, don’t tell the admin)

And finally…

THE PIZZA! It was so huge that two people had to bring it in! I thought a painting was delivered to me :))



They really do make them big

My friends arrived and it was time to start the party. We opened it all together and squealed in delight!



Ladies of LR33 #since2013 #incomplete

We had such a great time!!! This definitely won’t be the last!

It was a Happy Thursday indeed, Dining with Des style 😉


Des ❤

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