It’s Always Sunny at Sunnies Cafe

Sunnies Studios has become one of the leading local retail brands in the Philippines because of their stylish and affordable eyewear, which is why it has caused quite a stir among the millennials when the brand announced that they will be opening up a cafe.

With the very hipster and youthful style of the brand, I was really excited to witness an Instagram feed come to life in a form of a cafe.

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Tricia’s Birthday Bash at Torch, Paper Moon Mille Crepe, and more!

Would you believe me that despite the long summer break, my best friends and I only got to go out at Tricia’s birthday lunch?

Well, Reena went home to Brunei after my debut and Tricia was busy watching over their business (naks)

Finally, the day arrived, and I was so excited!!! Reena woke me up early at around 8:30 am and we went to mass together with her brother Charles, who’s now officially a college freshman~

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