All Day Breakfast, Specialty Coffee, Craft Beer and Cocktails at Single Origin

Yes, you read it right. All Day Breakfast. Yipee!

Sometimes, it’s just not enough to eat breakfast during, well, breakfast. The mouthwatering smell of bacon, sausages, pancakes, and scrambled eggs always keeps our palates craving for their taste. For some reason, most of our go-to comfort food belong in the breakfast selection, and it’s probably because they remind us of cozy mornings spent in our homes as our mothers busy themselves in the kitchen.

Fortunately, restaurants have caught up in our daily cravings. Among these palate satisfiers is Single Origin where my mom and I went to catch up with close family friends, and it’s not your typical breakfast place.

Usually, restos that serve All Day Breakfast exude a very homey or diner-ish vibe, but Single Origin boasts of a relaxed space with chic brick walls lined up with wines and coffee gears, which is perfect for people who just want to unwind or study. Also, if you’re a bookish hipster who wears non-prescription glasses, then this is the place for you 😉

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At Home at Mateo’s Restaurant Café

There’s always this one restaurant that I always pass by everyday but never got to try.  One would think that I have already done so since it’s literally in front of my condo building, yet somehow I just never found the time. I guess that with the proximity of the place, I’ve been too complacent that it will always be there for me to try.

But I finally broke the spell.

On a nice Wednesday evening, my brother and I planned to watch “The Accountant” at the cinema, but I wanted to shop more and the only time slot available was the ‘last full show’. So, that meant we had 3 hours to spare. We looked at each other and thought: what in the leaping lizards will we do within 3 hours?

Then ding! came a great idea that maybe it was finally time to try Mateo’s!

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It’s Always Sunny at Sunnies Cafe

Sunnies Studios has become one of the leading local retail brands in the Philippines because of their stylish and affordable eyewear, which is why it has caused quite a stir among the millennials when the brand announced that they will be opening up a cafe.

With the very hipster and youthful style of the brand, I was really excited to witness an Instagram feed come to life in a form of a cafe.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for 2015

Gift-giving is such a physically and mentally difficult task. The holiday season is here, but you just can’t find the perfect gift! Now that Christmas jingles are starting to play in just about every boutique, the pressure to finish Christmas shopping is intensifying.

Most of the time, our minds go blank when thinking about what to give to someone, and it’s quite frustrating.

Based on my personal experience, I realized that searching for pegs and ideas online can help a lot in choosing the best gift. Hence, I compiled my gift ideas to help you come up with the perfect present. You can opt to buy a similar item or you can even purchase the exact items listed here! 🙂

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Hong Kong Hustle: Mott 32

There are two things Hong Kong is notorious for: FOOD and SHOPPING.

There is no doubt that Hong Kong is the dining capital of Asia. A number of Michelin-awarded restaurants are just waiting to be visited and even those eateries on the side of the streets are worth the try. Not to mention, almost every brand we know are found in Hong Kong. Plus, everything’s relatively cheaper! You can shop til’ you drop!

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DWD SPECIAL EDITION POST: Eiffel for Desiree at 18 pt. 1

Many people have been asking me, ‘Des, where’s your debut post???’ and I’m very happy to say that it’s finally here guys! 😀 Apologies for the long delay for the photos have just been recently handed to me and I have been busy! 😦

Without further ado, here’s MY SPECIAL EDITION DEBUT BLOG POST! This will be a very (emphasize on the ‘very’) long post and will be divided into two parts! Do read on! 🙂


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