At Home at Mateo’s Restaurant Café

There’s always this one restaurant that I always pass by everyday but never got to try.  One would think that I have already done so since it’s literally in front of my condo building, yet somehow I just never found the time. I guess that with the proximity of the place, I’ve been too complacent that it will always be there for me to try.

But I finally broke the spell.

On a nice Wednesday evening, my brother and I planned to watch “The Accountant” at the cinema, but I wanted to shop more and the only time slot available was the ‘last full show’. So, that meant we had 3 hours to spare. We looked at each other and thought: what in the leaping lizards will we do within 3 hours?

Then ding! came a great idea that maybe it was finally time to try Mateo’s!

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I Went Loca Over LOCAVORE

To those of you who are or have been a university student like me, you would know the agony of waiting for your grades to be uploaded (and the frustration that comes along with the regular site crashes). If you were not born into the technological era, you might have also experienced the same wave of emotions while waiting for your professors to announce your grades.

After several hair-pullings and venting of my frustrations on Twitter, it brought me great joy to find out that I SURVIVED. All those tears and sleepless nights were worth it.  God is indeed good. 🙂 I can finally exhale and say ADIOS to this term!

To celebrate a wonderful term and the fruits of my labor, I treated the best brother in the world, my ahia who I’ve missed so much, for dinner at Locavore Philippines!

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