It’s Always Sunny at Sunnies Cafe

Sunnies Studios has become one of the leading local retail brands in the Philippines because of their stylish and affordable eyewear, which is why it has caused quite a stir among the millennials when the brand announced that they will be opening up a cafe.

With the very hipster and youthful style of the brand, I was really excited to witness an Instagram feed come to life in a form of a cafe.

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Mandaluyong’s Hidden Gem: Galileo Enoteca Deli

*slides my way into your screens* Well hello there~

I knowwwww it’s been so long since I posted. As you all know, school has started and so has the S T R E S S. The amount of readings just won’t decrease and thesis writing has officially began, although we’re still in the process of choosing a topic. So yes, you can deduce that school has kept me occupied for the past few weeks.

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Revisiting Mamou’s Kitchen

Growing up, my mother would always take us to Mamou because she’s just so fond of their food and their place. I, as her daughter, eventually fell in love with the restaurant as well. This place has been a home of many shared memories and laughter with close friends and family members 🙂  They have one of the best steaks in town, and having been avid fans of steak, Mamou has been a family favorite ever since.

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Makati’s Little Secret: Prime 101

If I were to be asked who I think is the strongest person in this world, I would not even think twice and say ‘my mother’. Strength is not just measured in terms of physical ability, but also in every other aspect of a person. Mothers, in my eyes, are the strongest people in this world (in parallel with fathers of course :D).

To start with, the pains of going into labor are no joke, they’re much worse than cramps, and that’s saying something. Also, it’s no easy feat to raise a child, cook, work, and do groceries while still managing to look fabulous (how do you do it mom? <3) These are just some of the things that children, including myself, often take for granted. They may be mundane tasks, but they have an extraordinary effect in our lives. Who, aside from our mothers, can do all of these simultaneously and excellently?

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