Desiree Takes Europe


I guess the first words I’m probably going to say to you is I’M SORRY because I owe you all an apology for not posting for months!!! (WHY DES?!)

As with other college students in their last year, I was swamped with TONS of schoolwork. I mean, I know college is stressful, but the past few months have tested my patience, mental and emotional state. Not to mention, we started working on our thesis, legit this time, and we also had to apply for internships. I was also doing some stuff for the student organization that I’m part of, whose members I already consider my second family. They also support my blog and ka-echosan all the way!

To put it simply, I had a lot on my plate and they were not food, much to my chagrin.

To give you guys a little update, I’ve already graduated from university last October 15! YAAS! So much has happened really. Hopefully, this means that I have more time to blog. Also, to make it clear, I am definitely not abandoning this blog! I’m back!!!!

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Hong Kong Hustle: Jamie’s Italian

I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s pretty charmed by Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, myself included.

Some of his many charms are first of all, his British accent (don’t we all just fall in love with this accent? *dreamy sigh*), his little quirks here and there, his advocacy for food education, and definitely the food that he makes. He’s very endearing when he’s cooking and is kinda like the Ed Sheeran of the kitchen world (omg have you seen their collab? I gushed so much!).

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Hong Kong Hustle: Din Tai Fung

If there’s one place that we go to everytime we’re in HK, it’s this one. And though we frequent shopping centers in every visit, this one is an everyday stop.

It’s none other than DIN TAI FUNG~

This place has possibly the best xiao long baos in Hong Kong. Although I’ve tasted a few that could rival theirs, nothing could still beat how they make their xiao long baos, and you could see it for yourself via their transparent windows!

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Hong Kong Hustle: Amber at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

It’s time for another round of Hong Kong Hustle (of food, that is), and this time, it’s at Amber at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental! 😀

The last time we went to Hong Kong, my mom and I had a very delightful lunch at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, which is located at The Landmark in Central. Mott 32, my previous post, was also located in Central, and as what you may have guessed by now, Amber is also in Central. Pretty neat aye?~

It’s like Central’s THE place to go for dining enthusiasts like me!

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Hong Kong Hustle: Mott 32

There are two things Hong Kong is notorious for: FOOD and SHOPPING.

There is no doubt that Hong Kong is the dining capital of Asia. A number of Michelin-awarded restaurants are just waiting to be visited and even those eateries on the side of the streets are worth the try. Not to mention, almost every brand we know are found in Hong Kong. Plus, everything’s relatively cheaper! You can shop til’ you drop!

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